Products from the Future, with Service from the Past

Products from the Future, with Service from the Past

Transforming Visions into Realities with 3D Printing in Nanaimo

At Industrial Plastics & Paints Nanaimo, we are fully committed to helping our clients improve the efficiency of their operations. With our 3D printing in Nanaimo, we are able significantly shorten various building processes.

Top Quality Parts

How is it we are able to shorten your building process? On the surface, it’s a rather simple explanation. When you provide us with a virtual image of the part you wish to have created, we will program it within our 3D computers. Once the image has been processed, our fabrication machines will read hundreds of iterations of the image while working to create the part to your exact specifications.

Superior Customer Service

If you have any questions prior, during or after the creation of your part, one of our highly-skilled engineers will be more than happy to answer them while ensuring you have all of the information you need. All of our engineering is done in-house, so you don’t have to worry about any outside influences.

To get started on a part, contact us today!